“Back Porch Farm” debuts at the Wagner Farm Arboretum’s Butterfly Festival

IMG_0655Welcome to the Back Porch Farm!

Uncommon Produce & Herbs… Organic Gardening Services, Consultation, & Education

The Back Porch Farm is now open for business – the “Farm in My Heart”, now has roots in the soil!  Check our out list of services here!

We had a vendor table at the Wagner Farm Arboretum’s Butterfly Festival this weekend, featuring trays of pea shoots, heirloom seed potatoes, mini “porch farms”, herbs, strawberry pots, and vegetable starts.

Look for Back Porch Farm at events and farmers markets in North / Central New Jersey and beyond.


Spring Fever

imageThe signs are subtle at first. A robin here, a tuft of new green there… Then it crescendos undeniably, reaching a fevered pitch – until the snow and cold winds are gone without a doubt… and life starts bursting at the seams again, in a new cycle of growth and lush greenery.

To me, the first signs of true spring are always the mosses and the ferns in the forest, and the garlic and lovage shoots pushing up through layers of compost and mulch in the garden, undeterred by s few more frosts – certain that the sun’s warmth will continue.

Whether you are in a place you can forage safely for wild greens or not,  one of the best antidotes to Spring Fever is a fresh green salad, vibrant with the flavor of Spring. Here is a recipe for one of my favorite salads, which we used on a Talkeetna River rafting trip to film an episode of the Food Network’s “Beach Eats” several years ago…

Spring Salad of Mesclun & Wild Greens with a Lovage-Allium Dressing